From Benchwarmer to Benchtop

An oldie but a goodie – here’s to the upcoming return of basketball season! Happy Sunday : )

The Relentless Dental Student

If you asked me about my proudest accomplishment before getting accepted into dental school, I may have told you it was hitting the game ­winning three point shot in a YMCA basketball game at eight years old.

Before you give me that pathetic “Honey, it’s time to move on” smile, I would like to preface by saying I have since removed High School Varsity Team Captain from my resumé. Reflecting on my thirteen year basketball career, however, I can’t help but remember the morning when I hurled an orange ball larger than my head towards the basket and watched in awe as the ball dived through the net, the buzzer singing zero.

Moms make the best cheerleaders Moms make the best cheerleaders.

After a Steph Curry-inspired memory like that, I wince remembering I spent the majority of my basketball career as a bench player.

Heading towards the end of my second semester in dental school…

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